Tuesday, 6 November 2012

I remember when Kinder Eggs were great

It was an impulse buy, they were by the till and I was overcome with pleasant childhood memories.  The Kinder Egg made it's way into my hand and with a bleep and an exchange of hard currency became mine.  An ovoid of plastic textured chocolate wrapped in bright tin foil but with the promise of a surprise.  A cheeky little toy hidden inside.  Would it be a little alien? Or a miniature car with cogs and gears for me to assemble?

No.  It was a jigsaw puzzle.  A fucking jigsaw puzzle.  Twenty pieces of printed cardboard crammed into a plastic shell before being inserted into the familiar orange and white wrapping.

I've been cheated.  A jigsaw puzzle for Waybaloo watchers.  I yearned for a minature gladiator that would get dwarfed by a Lego minifig.  Yeah it'd be shit and would get lost or destroyed within a week but that's not the point.  The jigsaw robbed me of opportunity to build a little car that would go round in circles for a few seconds.  The jigsaw went straight in the recycling bin. Germanic Italian bastards.

So what did I do the next day?

Yeah, I bought another one.  Well, another two. Expectations were high again and this time repaid tenfold!

No need for IKEA instructions with this one
I got a little cat with it's own parachute AND a remedial spirograph.  Yeah, a cat which is attached to a vinylette parachute.  It doesn't float that well and serves no real purpose but it's there, it's fun and the cheeky little critter can nestle softly on a spirographed helipad.  It'll keep me amused for a few minutes.