Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Trump. Sounds a bit like scum

There's no such thing as bad publicity apparently.  I'm not sure I agree with that but bloated self publicist Donald Trump definitely does.

This week's latest Twitter outrage (yes, I'm guilty of jumping on it as well) sees Donald attacking the President of the United States of America.  He alludes to patriotism and some sort of cover up but the fact is that Trump is a racist. A nasty bigot, who, thanks to his vast personal wealth has means to spray his opinion around the world like a nasty norovirus bomb.

Trump had let the Presidential debates pass by before chipping his two cents into the election arena.  Drip feeding the media with promises of a major 'announcement'.  He obviously thought he was the Iron Man 3 trailer.

Turns out his 'announcement' was basically a threat, a lame attempt at emotional extortion as he demands to see Obama's college applications and other records in exchange for a charitable donation of $5 million. Just donate the cash Trump, it's the only way you'll come away from this with some dignity.

Is Trump really stupid enough to not realise that the US media has turned Obama's past inside out looking for something to make him less than American.  He was vetted by his party, he made it to Government, he's been President for four years.

Trump's rant coupled with the remarks of another bonkers Republican Senate candidate about rape should make this a good day for the Democrats.

Trump has done this for the attention. To get a reaction to feed his ego.  I hope that reaction is the ridicule he warrants.