Monday, 30 January 2012

Just leave it George. Please.

George Lucas. You have wronged me. I'm not the first and I won't be the last but your constant desire to tinker with Star Wars has now become laughable.

I could handle the added extras and tinkering in the late 90s. I can just about accept the prequel trilogy despite their gakness. I can accept the bloated marketing and sheer market exploitation of the cartoons and toys but 3D?  3D is too much. A needless gimmick. I dread to think of Jar Jar Binks emerging from a twenty foot screen let alone a CGI enhanced Jabba flicking drool towards me and the less said about Luke Skywalkwer's mournful sulking the better.

Apart from the now, consuming, hatred I am now feeling towards Lucas (I already loathe 20th Century Fox) I am left with one chilling thought. Lucas simply doesn't have any new ideas and so we will routinely be subjected to the rape of a classic until we're injecting liquid digital Star Wars into our tired veins.

I'll listen to a song until I'm sick of it. I'll tell the same joke until it's boring but I can come nowhere near the example Lucas is setting at flogging a dead horse. With a light sabre. Then going back and adding an extra torture scene. Then in 3D.  I find his lack of faith disturbing.

Now he's trying to defend himself. The shame